A submission for the government to acquire land for a new CNG fuelling station in Yangon will be submitted. Phoe Wa /The Myanmar Times


A submission for the government to acquire land for a new compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling station in Yangon Region will be submitted in the coming budget year, said Yangon Region Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Energy U Han Tun during the sitting of  the Regional Hluttaw (assembly) on Thursday. 


The submission will also be sent to the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, U Han Tun said in response to a question from Mayangone township MP U Yan Shin on whether there is plan to build more CNG filling stations in the region for the convenience of users of CNG-powered vehicles.

Currently, there are 41 CNG stations in the Yangon Region.

“We’ll continue making requests to the Ministry of Electricity and Energy to open new CNG stations and to obtain land in coming budget year for the convenience of owners of CNG vehicles when refuelling and to facilitate maintenance work for CNG compressors,” said U Han Tun.

He also proposed the Yangon City Development Committee and Ministry of Electricity and Energy move the Ahlone 3 CNG station No.029 and East Dagon 2 CNG station No.023 to Yangon Bus Service terminals.

Myanmar Oil and Natural Gas Enterprise has expanded the availability of CNG for vehicles in 2014. Of the 41 CNG stations in Yangon, 17 of them have 38 Safe CNG Compressors from Italy and six stations are using Intermech CNG Compressors from New Zealand.

Five CNG stations are using six IMW CNG Compressors from Canada and one CNG station is using four Aspro CNG Compressors from Argentina, 17 CNG stations are using 20 L-Type CNG Compressors and 14 ZW-Type CNG Compressors made in China.

To maintain a consistent level of knowledge for maintaining the infrastructure, maintenance groups have been sent for training courses with foreign experts as well, said U Han Tun. – Translated


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