Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy

National Energy Group will continuously strive to improve its processes by using the best available technology and employing competent personal in the basis of appropriate education, training, ability and experience. In the pursuit of its objective, NEGC will observe at all time the highest ethical standards and will have due regard for its clients, employees and the public at our large. National Energy Group will provide a safe and healthy working environment for all company personnel, clients, and contractors and attempt to minimize risks associated with its activities which may impact on the environment on the environment or the border community.

  • Achieve and maintain a level of quality that fulfills or exceeds the expectations and requirements of the customer, government, statutory authorizes and the objectives of the company.
  • Annually review the policy, strategic Business Plan System Manual and Procedures to maintain certification to ISO 9001 and also applied ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • Provide leadership by managing QHSE accountability, authority and performance as a line responsibility.
  • Carry out regular audits and inspections of own operations, facilities and departments¬† and those of regular audits and inspections of own operations, facilities and departments and those of our contractor and suppliers.
  • Implement training and provide resources in order that all employees have the knowledge and capabilities to take action on the company‚Äôs QHSE performance.
  • Provide a secure and safe work environment to protect from harm all employees, clients, contractors and any other persons visiting our work sites.
  • Maintain a management system exceeding industry expectations that will provide the tools to transparently demonstrate the company and its employees conduct safe business.
  • Demand focus and awareness of the risks and hazards associated with all company operations and promote techniques to manage them.
  • Promote QHSE awareness to ensure that all employees, clients and contractors understand and accept that they are responsibility for their own actions and that of others around them.
  • Promote the use of leading indicators when setting QHSE objectives. Emphasis shall be placed upon prevention rather than correction.
  • This policy is written on the best interests of all stakeholders.