Infrastructure & Construction

Infrastructure construction projects are what keep the important functions of the country alive.
Infrastructure projects are responsible for keeping electricity and water flowing to homes and businesses.
They’re also responsible for the roads, bridges and other mass transit ways used to deliver people and goods across the nation.
NEGC Construction has been part of infrastructure projects in Myanmar since 2012 and aims to play major role in the future.

Road Construction

Road Construction

NEGC group did contracting works for road construction for government institutions and regional governments.

Strategic Partner

Since its establishment, NEGCC has been known to provide reliable and quality services with her good reputation Parenent. As a Strategic Construction P artner, we operate as an extension of our client’s own staff, overseeing both project construction and facilities management. Within this role, we create a “construction program” in which we manage design review, budgeting, scheduling, quality control, safety, and security, as well as any other client requested items.

This project delivery method is best suited for an organization with multiple projects or facilities because it provides a consistent, measurable program through every phase of the construction process which can be extended to any location or facility.


NEGCC serves its customer to get full satisfaction with following incentives:
• Lower construction cost
• Local currency available for higher quality products
• Tailor-made design and products can be obtained
• One-stop services for design and construction
• Mobile engineering team for time saving services
• Internationally compatible construction materials can be utilized for local projects
• Unlimited quantity available around the clock

Environmental Services

  • Environmental and Natural Resources Management
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Legislation and Regulatory Requirement.

Post Construction Services

Ensure that building systems are designed, installed and activated according to owner’s operational needs.

Lien Releases
Severing of contractual ties to vendors.

Development of operations and maintenance instructions.

Final Closeout
Completion of punch listed items.

One-Year Walkthrough
Final verification of operational status

Health, Safety & Environment

NEGCC has always believed that people and the environment are our two most important resources. Therefore, it is one of our top concerns to protect the environment and safeguard the health and safety of our staff.

We are committed to:

  • Obeying the laws and regulations of Myanmar and Singapore
  • Giving topmost importance to safety and taking adequate precautions.
  • Promoting clean operations and the rational use of resources.
  • Optimizing the allocation of our HSE resources and continuously improving our HSE management.
  • Taking HSE performance as a key criterion for rewards and penalties, as well as recruitment and subcontracting.
  • Maintain an excellent HSE culture.
  • Complete honesty and openness with the public regarding our HSE performance.
  • Consistency in our HSE concepts wherever we are and in all sectors of our business.
River Bank Protection
River Bank Protection

River Bank Protection

NEGC construction has done river bank protection works across Myanmar , partnering with local and foreign experts.

Our Professions and Services

  • Typographic and Hydrographic Survey
  • Design and Consultant
  • Bank Protection Works and River Trainings
  • Water Hydraulic Structures and Pontoon/RC Jetty Works
  • Piling Works, Earthworks, Roads, Bridges Construction
  • Data Collection of F.S for Rivers
  • Project Management and Building Works

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