MOEE refutes fuel shortage rumours saying it has 45m gallons of petrol, 70m gallons of diesel in stock

Fuel shortages are impossible as Myanmar still has a stock of about 45 million gallons of petrol and about 70 million gallons of diesel including Thilawa fuel tanks, according to the Petroleum Products Regulatory Department under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE).

The department was responding to the questions from People Media and MHT News about the spreading rumours over fuel shortages in the country posted on the Viber Group page of the State Administration Council on April 19.

It rebutted the news spreading on social media saying that there was still a domestic stock of about 45 million gallons of petrol and about 70 million gallons of diesel.

The situation where the country could run out of fuel is not possible at all, and there are already two oil tankers at the port waiting to unload after the Thingyan festival, the department said.

It also dismissed the online news that fuel has to be imported from China via Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis. Instead, fuels are mainly imported from Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea. All fuel stations, except those being repaired, are still operating, and panic buying has caused a burden on the filling stations and their staff, the department pointed out.

The department is cooperating with the relevant committees, ministries and Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association, and the situation will return to normalcy very soon, it added.



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